Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm tagged and Amy Butler fabric

Yes I've been tagged - twice this week - by Wendy and Purple&Paisley. Now I know I did this once before, but I'll do it again and hopefully won't repeat too much :)

And interspersed with my 7 Random or Weird facts about myself, I will put photos of the gorgeous fabrics I received in the mail yesterday from Z&S Fabrics including some of the most gorgeous new line from Amy Butler, Midwest Modern. It is such a good quality cotton - so silky, and the colors are beautiful. I will be getting more of the line, that's for sure! And as usual, Kaffe came through with his to die-for fabric. Z&S has a really good sale on right now - 20% off everything - I think I paid something like $6.15/yard for the Amy Butler. Yes, that's an amazing price. Pick your jaws up off the ground. Their regular prices are great to start with. Even with shipping I still came out ahead.

OK, onto the 7 things...and I'm going to make them all quilt-related!

1) I love fabric with polka dots. You could say I am dotty for dots.
2) I don't like muddy or dull country type fabrics. I just can't force myself to work with them! Sometimes they are fine - but only as a background to a nice bright fabric which will just pop off that dull background!

3) I remember being about 10 years old and all my brothers and sisters were having babies (I am the youngest by 11 years). My Mum made a bunch of quilts and let them choose which one they wanted. I made her put aside my favorite for me - it was a purple puff-quilt made from one of my old dresses. Hey, it was the '80's, OK??!! I asked her a few years ago where it was - she didn't know what I was talking about LOL! Guess I'll never see that purple puff quilt again.

4) I haven't made a quilt from a commercial pattern for about 3 years now - I have so many of my own ideas in this head of mine, and they are all fighting for precious stitching time!
5) I am addicted to quilt blogs. If you have one, chances are I'm subscribed to, and reading it! If I'm not, please let me know!

6) I spend more time reading about quilting than actual quilting. I must remedy that.
7) I have a BIFF - Best Internet Friend Forever who changed the way I look at and design quilts - Anna, that's you!! And we have never met. But we really want to change that this year! We make each others designs - well mainly hers because she is so much more productive than me (and she has 7 kids! Wow!) - and she is going to be famous one day, mark my words!

Now that I have been tagged I am supposed to tag 7 if you feel like being tagged, consider it done ;)See, I told you the Amy Butlers were gorgeous!


Stacy A. said...

Joanna, I have seen your comments on a few of my favorite blogs for a while now, but somehow only ended up here yesterday. Since then I have read every single post and laughed and learned. First, I haven't seen many bloggers that live in the North West (I live in Boston), and even less who have also lived in Utah (all my extended family lives in Utah) so you can see why I would be excited. My husbands family has a cabin on an island in Lake Winnipesaukee, where we spend a large part of the summer and we drive past that quilt shop in Center Harbor every time we come and go (more excitement). I would love to learn more about quilting in NH and Mass and more about you and your quilting/applique journeys. I am brand new to quilting so any info is great.
I have enjoyed every second spent with you and your kidlets and creations. Have a wonderful day! Love Stacy

Stacy A. said...

Oops, obviously I meant to say North East! Sorry

Marie Rayner said...

Loved your very interesting way of doing these seven facts! I LOVE polka dots too. I have always loved polka dots! I love your work as well. It's unique and wonderful. I think you have a wonderful eye and talent there.

sewprimitive karen said...

What a fun post. You might have to re-create that purple puff quilt sometime :-) . That is indeed a wonderful sale at Z&S.

Felicia said...

Beautiful fabrics :)

Lisa said...

great fabrics! I am crazy for dots too! I have a whole shelf of them and I am waiting for the ultimate quilt project to use them for. Any ideas???? too bad about the purple puff quilt!!! :-)

SO I'M Anna Fogg, an eclectic kinda gal said...

I am so HONORED to be on your 7 list! Whoa, you're eclipsing yourself with these flowers. Your fabrics looks so luscious, and the bundle from Z&S, don't you love getting a bundle like that? I am up walking around, couldn't get on my email, but could get on your blog, neck is sore as crazy, Sarah Rose, when she first saw me, thought they flipped my neck open like a pez dispenser, oh from the mouths of babes, but God is good, and it looks yucky, but is healing and itching....going to work on our 5"ers today in bed...yes, we have got to get ourselves 'met' properly! And then finally, you'll walk me through doing my blog as perfectly as you do yours. Love ya,
you made my day.
~BIFF Anna