Friday, March 18, 2011

Purple Hair and Circles

Today was so busy for me that I haven't even had time for One Hour Friday! It started off this morning when I had to get the kids ready for Crazy Hair Day at school. Faux hawks and purple spray were the order of the day for the boys, and pigtails and zig zags for my girl...

After the kids went to school I had an electrician come and replace every single outlet in our house. Some were loose, some weren't grounded, and most were only two pronged. Needless to say we will sleep easier at night now knowing the fire hazard is much reduced! While that was going on I cleaned the house, made lunch, picked up the kids, made dinner, went grocery shopping, and spent time with the family which didn't leave much time for One Hour Friday. But I did manage to get started on another block for my circle flowers.
The best thing about applique is I can do it while sitting in bed watching a fun show or movie just like I am now. And here's the proof -
I'm surrounded by my blocks, threads, and fabric! Talk about heaven :)

1 comment:

Elzaan said...

Love the hair-do!!!
Enjoy making those circle flowers. They look great thus far.