Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dinner and Such...

Not a lot of sewing has gone on in my house today. I have a friend staying for a couple of days from Utah so of course sewing has gone out the window! Who needs to sew when you can sit and laugh and catch up with a good friend?!

I did manage to sew a nose on a teddy bear, so my sewing every day this year goal is still intact.

Maybe you'd like to see the yummy dinner we had instead of stitching? I baked a ham on the bone...
We also made a nice big salad, and pretzel breadsticks a la Auntie Anne's pretzels you see at almost every mall in America. Both the original kind and the cinnamon sugar variety.

I stood there one day for half an hour watching how they make them, went home and recreated them. Delicious!! However, don't ask me the secret to making them taste the same - it's so completely decadent that I'm afraid you couldn't handle it!! OK I'll give you a can watch their official video HERE on how to make them from their kit, and at the 7.05 min mark you'll see. Except in the stores they don't daintily brush it on - it gets completely dunked!

Also, since this is a quilting blog, see the placemats? Yes they are the quilted ones I made a few months back. See, even when I blog about a ham dinner and pretzels, I still manage to fit something quilting related in!

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http://thankfullga447 said...

The dinner looks fabulous, I had company a few weeks ago, they stayed 8 days. We had a great time and I didn't get any sewing in. Now I am back on schedule.