Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rice Bag Tutorial

2 tutorials in one week? What am I thinking?! I guess that's what happens when one is laid up in bed with nothing to do but think!

I went to the doctor about my back today (I don't normally have back problems - this is new for me!) and received a prescription for the good stuff to help with the pain. X-rays tomorrow :) After a couple of the 'good' pills, the edge of the pain was taken off enough to sew a little. I had been wishing I had a rice bag for my back as heat seems to help it feel better. As I thought more about it, I wondered how on earth you make a rice bag stay on your back without it falling off?? Then it came to me - of course - you need to tie it on!

So I made a rice bag with elastic ties, and here's how I did it...

1) Cut a piece of fabric 11 inches by 13 inches. Also cut two pieces of elastic - however long to fit around you with enough left to tie in a bow.

2) Pin a piece of elastic to one side of the fabric, 3 inches down on the 13" long side.

3) Fold the 13" long side in half and starting near the middle of the 11" long side, sew to the edge, turn 90 degrees, and sew to the fold. I backed over where the elastic was a few times to make sure it would stay secure.

4) Making sure the elastic is all tucked inside the fabric, do the same thing on the other side, making sure you leave a hole approx 2 inches long on the 11" side for turning and filling with rice.

5) Trim the corners a little.

6) Turn right side out.

7) Either use a plastic funnel, or do what I did and make one from paper.

8) Put the funnel inside the hole in the bag and fill with rice.

9) I had some dried lavender from our garden, and I thought it would smell nice in the bag, so I added that too.

10) Sew the opening of the bag closed. You could either do it by hand and make it invisible, or sew it on the outside by machine like I did.

11) Heat for 2 mins in the microwave, tie on, and enjoy!

I have it on right now and it is incredibly soothing. I like that by using elastic it could be used an anyone from the kids, to me, to Daddy. I am happy to report, that it does indeed stay in place, just like I hoped it would!


carol fun said...

Very clever! I think I'll sew a couple of these up to have when pain rears its ugly head. Hope you feel better real soon.

Janet said...

I need it right now. I have patched my wheat bag up three times, a bit sad but I'll have to make a new one and soon. Thanks for the great idea.

Vivian said...

Necessity is the mother of invention and productive even while laid up? Thy name is woman!!

Feel better and have a restful weekend!

KC said...

I actually made something similar for when I have menstrual cramps. Except mine has a heating pack that goes all around my waist and ties on the side. It works wonders so that I can actually walk around and do things. Or sleep. Lol.

Jean C. said...

May I say that feed corn makes for a more moist heat for the bags. You have to get it at like your local IFA store... but it works wonderfully! And smells a bit like popcorn when you heat it up! Although, it does not pop. That's why you have to use Feed Corn... not any other type!
Hope that your feeling better now!