Friday, September 16, 2011

Monster Hospital

I'm about to turn my bedroom into a Monster repair hospital while watching my DVR'd last episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm (my fav show EVER!).

Do any of you remember back HERE where I made monsters for the kids for Christmas?

Today I washed one of them and he popped a couple of seams.

Poor wee guy! At least he now smells like Lavender Vanilla fabric softener :) A few stitches will fix him right up and he can go back to his place of honor on Coleman's bed.

Things on the curtain front are going well. I finished making them today. Now to iron them. Luckily I only need to iron the bottom hem, and even luckier that ironing is something I quite like to do!


Brenda said...

Shoddy workmanship from your own Mom's, that's low, LOL!

Elzaan said...

At least you know the monster is being used to bits :)
Good luck on the curtains!

Salley said...

Monsters have stuffing???
Well you learn something new everyday :)