Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today I have four fun things to show you. I'm feeling a little loopy from my back pain meds tonight and my hubby is ordering me to bed so I think this will be the short and sweet edition!

First off, my girl Sofia saw THIS crocheted poncho and squealed in delight.

I think I'm going to have to brush up on my crocheting skills and sneakily make something like it for her upcoming birthday! Any hints GREATLY appreciated!!! Times like this I wish I lived closer to my Mum! Maybe I should just send her the picture and a few hints ;P

Secondly, while we're on the subject of crochet, how adorable are these scarves...
I think it's the color palette I'm drawn to. It's so wonderful that all these old crafts like quilting, knitting and crocheting are 'cool' again and being reinvented with modern twists. Original post HERE.

Thirdly, I was riveted looking at THIS stamp making tutorial.
There are a few parts to it, and a video too. The video makes it look so easy, yet I know the maker must be very experienced to make it look so simple. Still, I might have to give it a go. Especially since we just bought a bunch of erasers with the kids' back to school supplies. Think they'll notice if a couple go missing?!

Lastly, I love love LOVE this pincushion!

The frame, the hot pink - be still my heart! There is even a tutorial too which you can see HERE. I love tutorials!


Sweet P said...

I am a crocheter. I just did a quick search of poncho patterns on There are several patterns to choose from. Maybe you should ask your mom to make one for a Christmas present. I love the pincushion!

Venus de Hilo said...

I just took up crochet this summer (for a travel project) and am completely "hooked." Was gonna say "", if SweetP hadn't.

Stamp carving looks soooooooo tempting! It's on my list of crafts to try very hard to resist, as I am already way past the limit of how many projects can be squeezed in.