Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hair clip and yummy stuff!

Yesterday was picture day at my kids' school and my daughter wanted something pretty for her hair. I was too tired to make anything the night before, so at 7.30 in the morning I was busy cutting and stitching before she left at 8. I didn't have time to draw a pretty pattern so I just did it free-style with the scissors! And then I thought it needed a pretty button in the middle but I didn't have one on hand. But I did have a left over cherry I had made from the Cupcakes! You'll notice it's just regular felt and not my nice felted wool a couple of posts back - she wanted certain colors so I just used what I had. My girl loved it and when she came home yesterday, told me that Zach in her class said it looked like she bought it from a store. Yes, the ultimate compliment LOL! And now she has all these ideas of new ones to make like butterflies and hearts. It might be a fun weekend project!

And now onto a completely different subject... I want to share the yummy fruit salad we had on Sunday night. Well not share in the literal sense, though that would be nice wouldn't it?! I even managed to find passionfruit for it - the first time I have seen passionfruit in the US in the 8 years I have been here! I paid through the nose for it though - $1.50 for just ONE! Ouch! Growing up in NZ my Mum always had a passionfruit vine in the backyard which would produce dozens at a time. The price was high but it added that delicious something to the mix.Have a look at the label to see where the passionfruit came from - I didn't notice it until the next day when I went to use it. Could it be a sign?! Of what I wonder?!Anyway, the kids had fun helping me cut up the fruit and couldn't stop laughing when I turned the mango inside out! Oh the joys of being a kid again :)


Purple and Paisley said...

your daughter looks so much like you! she is a cutie!

i need in the heck do you applique a circle onto something? do you have any applique tutorials or any suggestions where i could go to learn applique? i've never done it and thought you would be the right person to ask! thanks...and my new tute is posted on my will understand after looking at it why i need to know how to applique!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I got the sign joke...not funny...and how in the heck do you turn a mango inside out? I'm thinking about it, but you are the tropical fruit expert.

Marie Rayner said...

Your little girl looks so cute in her wonderful little hair decoration! Well done! That fruit salad looks definitely yummy as well!

golo8 said...

Joanna, maybe you would like to check out
its a wonderful site for quilters to talk about anything they want. There are a lot of really nice gals on there from all over the world... Its a brand new site started by a wonderful guy in Australia... come and see... golo