Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bridal Shower

If I didn't know how to quilt, I don't know what I'd ever get others for presents. People have such varying tastes and like such different things, that I fear I'd stand in a store, look around and talk myself out of everything I think of getting them, afraid that it just wasn't their taste.

Enter the framed quilted monogram!

At a time when money is tight, they are cheap to make. Yet they are something that you can't find in a store. I still have to take a guess with the fabrics I use, but I hope the personally made gift outweighs the perhaps unliked fabric choice!

Last night I went to a bridal shower and stuck to my tried and true gift. The bride's last name will start with the letter 'D'.

I was told she liked blue, green, red and yellow. So I went with red. I later found out her favorite color is green, but hopefully it still works for her!

I chose that particular fabric because it has hearts amongst the leaves. Did you notice them?!


Mary Marcotte said...

Very nice Joanna! I make pillows with a monogram and have found that they make great gifts. Like you I try to find out the recipient's favorite colors. I really like your idea.

MB in MI said...

i like your idea a LOT. May have to try it for a June shower (with the letter 'R' . thankyou for the idea!!

Cyn said...

Great gift idea! Thank you for sharing.