Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Flowers Quilted

This must be the weekend of getting things done because tonight I started - and finished - the quilting on my Spring Flowers quilt.

Because the background is a purple Kaffe Fasset shot cotton, I used a yummy purple variegated thread. I just love the variations a variegated thread give you...

Tomorrow it will be either bound or framed (I haven't decided which yet) and I will reveal the finished look to you.

In other news, Karen over at the Selvage Blog emailed me asking if it was OK to feature my girl Sofia's new blog over there. I said of course! So you can go check that out over at Selvage Blog if you want. I haven't shown it to Sofia yet, but I just know she will be over the moon when she sees it! Thank you so much to all of you who commented on her blog. She tried to reply to all of you, but a lot were set to no reply so she couldn't, but just know that she read and loved every single comment! She has some more replying to do tomorrow so we will get onto that after homework. I love this sneaky way of getting more language skills taught to her!


aunt juju said...

I saw frame it...and your echo quilting is impeccable. Very nice. Very, very nice. Sofia's blog is darling! And she did respond to me, so cute.

aunt juju said...

Joanna, that was just me, at my Aunt Jewelle's house.