Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Retro Applique

After doing my last applique piece, the prim shaped flowers in a vase, I felt like doing something completely different. What is more different from prim than modern? And since all things retro are the new modern, that's where my mind went. For some reason the first thing I thought of was an episode of Trading Spaces with the retro-fabulous Doug! (Oh come on, you know you watched Trading Spaces too!) I remembered an episode where he made the home owners stencil a square shaped retro-style stencil over the entire room. I loved that room so that's what I decided to inspire me for this new quilt. (I've been trying to find an image from that episode but so far no luck.)

I did a simple squarish shape and have cut out 3 different sets. I chose plain backgrounds with patterned squares. But tonight I'm just showing you one of them. I need to save something to show you tomorrow!

I have stitched down one side of the applique, hence the lop-sidedness. We'll see where this retro vision takes me!

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