Saturday, May 7, 2011


Not a single bit of sewing has gone on in this house today. Yet. (It will!) Instead we went to garage sales all morning, and then we worked in the garden all afternoon until dark. One of the garage sales had JUST perennials, as in 1000 pots of them, and they were only 50 cents! So I stocked up on things like strawberries, rhubarb, tomatoes, basil, and other herbs.

We also visited my friend Brenda who loaded me up with day lilies, lambs ear, and decorative tall grass. She also suggested that I turn the a strip next to the front walk into a skinny garden and plant them in there. Now Brenda along with being a prim quilting guru, is also a gardening guru, so I came home and did exactly what she suggested. Who am I to ignore such greatness?!!

Digging out the sod was not fun, (that's a 28 foot strip there - yes I measured!) but now I have my strip for planting. I think I want to edge it with some bricks down at lawn level to keep the grass out, and hopefully our front entry will be a little bit more attractive.

While I was still carting away the sod in the wheelbarrow as it was getting dark, my daughter and our neighbor's boy were playing four square in the driveway. In the dark, and in the rain! A few days ago we laid out a four square with painter's tape and so far it's survived all the neighborhood kids and two days of rain. Maybe we'll make it more permanent with paint one day, but for now it's working great!

You can see we even had some ghosts come to play...

The kids LOVE these photos! They are telling each other it's a "Ghost App". Kids these days. Fancy knowing what apps are!

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