Monday, May 30, 2011

Pears done

Yep the pears are all done, and I think I want to reach out, grab one, and take a big sweet juicy bite!
They were so simple, just two pattern pieces - the pear and the stem, but I love them. I need to remind myself that sometimes simplicity talks louder than complexity. And not just in quilting!

Did all you US folk have a good Memorial day? Ours was pretty low key - it involved grocery shopping and our first BBQ/eating outside of the year. And it was hot. As in over 90 degrees hot. Blech. I'll look on the bright side - at least I'm not shoveling snow, right?!

I also Skyped with my parents in New Zealand.
This is my Dad, and how he appears in this photo is his exact personality in real life...
And my Mum at a beautiful beach in NZ with my middle boy back in 2004...
And also a photo of myself with them circa 1980? (YOU do the math!)
They had somehow lost Skype on their computer (they're 77 now and lose things easily hehe!) and so we hadn't talked for over a month. I got an email from my Dad last night saying they needed my phone number and to Skype as it was urgent. Scared me to death wondering what was wrong! Turns out they just missed me and wanted to make sure everything was OK! Gotta love parents :)

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Elzaan said...

Such lovely photos of your parents! You must miss them a lot (or is it the other way around?).
Great work on the pears!